Jettainer Messenger Bag

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The Jettainer Messenger Bag was made from the tarpaulin of an original air cargo container.... more
Product information "Jettainer Messenger Bag"

The Jettainer Messenger Bag was made from the tarpaulin of an original air cargo container. After countless transport units for all major airlines, the tarpaulin material now serves as a messenger bag and has a short handle, an adjustable shoulder strap made of cargo belt with Lufthansa lettering and an internal key ring made of cargo lashing hooks.

In the inside of the bag there is an additional compartment with a zipper. Since the original material was already in use, the unique pieces can show different signs of use and use. These are not grounds for complaint and characterize the uniqueness of an upcycling product.

Color gray

Material: tarpaulin material (body), network label of an air cargo network, hand strap made of container pull loops, shoulder strap made of cargo belt with original print, length adjustable, key hook inside made of cargo lashing hook, zip pocket inside 

Size: height 32 cm - width 38 cm - depth above 1 cm - depth below 10 cm

Weight: approx. 655 g

Made in Germany - Jettainer bags are produced by Jettainer GmbH.

The product images are sample examples. Since each article is unique, there are deviations in design and color nuances for each article.

The decoration shown on the product pictures is not included in the scope of delivery.

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