Barbecue glove Galley BBQ Glove

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Out in nature, get to the grill! And the Captain has everything under control, with the grill... more
Product information "Barbecue glove Galley BBQ Glove"

Out in nature, get to the grill!

And the Captain has everything under control, with the grill glove made of original lifejacket and kevlar-coated grip surface with flame-resistant coating.

The barbecue glove has all the features that Bag to Life stands for: Functionality paired with extraordinary design and resource-saving material usage.

Details: Upcycling, Recycling

Colour: yellow/grey/black/red

Material: lifejacket (depending on the initial vest 100% polyester, 100% polyamide, 100% polyester with PVC coating), polyester fabric (100% polyester), snap hook, Kevlar/Panox flame-resistant coating

Size: L 33 x W 17 x D 1 cm

Weight: 85 g

Made in Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina

The product illustrations are prime examples. As each article is unique, there are variations in the design of the lifejacket for each article.

The decoration shown on the product pictures is not included in the delivery.

BAG TO LIFE - unique items made of highly functional materials of the aviation industry

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