Galley BBQ Apron

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  • 100-939
Captain at the grill! All those who are currently on the ground can take off while barbecueing... more
Product information "Galley BBQ Apron"

Captain at the grill! All those who are currently on the ground can take off while barbecueing or cooking.

Features of the Galley BBQ Apron:

  •     Functional cooking and grill apron with original aircraft buckle and attachment pockets made of original life jacket
  •     Plug-in pocket for mobile phone with handle element of the CO2 trigger as pulling element of the zipper.
  •     Loop with metal ring for fastening the grill glove
  •     Red seat loop from the aircraft seat for pulling in a tea towel or grill tongs
  •     Original aircraft buckle, which also serves as a beer opener
  •     Adjustable original aircraft harness
  •     Adjustable in carrying height via slider

Details: Upcycling, Recycling

Colour: yellow/grey/black/red/white

Material: lifejacket (depending on the initial vest 100% polyester, 100% polyamide, 100% polyester with PVC coating), upcycling polyester from German weaving mill (100% polyester), original aircraft buckle and belt, metal key ring, pull pendant of the lifejacket, high-quality YKK zipper, adjuster

Size: L 88 x W 64.5 cm

Weight: 380 g

Washable at 60° (remove aircraft buckle before)

Made in Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina

The product illustrations are prime examples. As each article is unique, there are variations in the design of the lifejacket for each article.

The decoration shown on the product pictures is not included in the delivery.

BAG TO LIFE - unique items made of highly functional materials of the aviation industry

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