Easy Packing Schuh- und Wäschesack

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The BAG TO LIFE Lufthansa "Frequent Flyer Edition" brings new standards to everyday travel.... more
Product information "Easy Packing Schuh- und Wäschesack"

The BAG TO LIFE Lufthansa "Frequent Flyer Edition" brings new standards to everyday travel.

Would you like to organize your luggage well? Do you like shopping while traveling and don't want to have space problems with your additional luggage?

The Easy Packing shoe and laundry bag enables you to compactly transport shoes or dirty laundry and protects your clean laundry at the same time.

Since the original material was already in use and it can show different signs of use, each article is unique. The light, hard-wearing and water-repellent life jacket material is perfect for travel items.

Details: upcycling, recycling

Color: yellow / gray

Made in Europe - Bosnia Herzegovina

The product images are sample examples. Since each article is unique, there are deviations in the design of the life jacket for each article.

The decoration shown on the product pictures is not included in the scope of delivery.

Material: life jacket, yarn, origin label, license label, BTL label, eyelet, polyester mesh, cord, cord stopper

Weight: 65 g

Dimensions: W 30 cm, L 40.5 cm


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