About us

Thank you for your interest in BAG TO LIFE.

BAG TO LIFE is the upcycling brand of D / V GmbH & Co. KG.

BAG TO LIFE was founded in 2010 by Kerstin Rank. From the beginning, she designed bags and accessories made from highly efficient aerospace materials and developed the manufacturing cycle that all disposed life jackets at BAG TO LIFE go through. She is a pioneer in this area.

The result of their ideas and creativity is an extremely innovative and functional collection of bags and accessories that perfectly matches the spirit of our times today. Because creativity, sustainability and functionality go hand in hand at BAG TO LIFE.

The main material for our product ideas are life jackets and other components of the aircraft industry that have to be replaced after a certain period of time for safety reasons. These high-tech fabrics meet the highest standards in their standards, because only the most functional and lightest basic material is used in aircraft. These components are of such high quality that in a second life as a bag they bring the benefits of the aircraft industry to their wearer.

BAG TO LIFE closes the circle of handmade unique quality, functionality, design and sustainability.

BAG TO LIFE products are produced in a family-run sewing shop in central Bosnia. There we manufacture by hand, centrally, sustainably and fairly in a sewing shop that we visit regularly. We offer women in a small town in central Bosnia the opportunity to work on fair terms, in a country that is being built up but where the signs of war are still visible. We join existing transports and thus create the basis for sustainable products.

BAG TO LIFE - design for pioneers - survive the mainstream!

BAG TO LIFE - awarded as "Germany's cultural and creative pilot"


Make the world more sustainable through creativity and innovation. Because only when sustainability is fun does it reach consumers. Design for Pioneers - Survive the Mainstream, that is the motto of BAG TO LIFE. 119 tons of life jackets have been saved from disposal since the launch of BAG TO LIFE in 2010. With the question: "Imagine there is a MATERIAL that is designed for EXTREMFALL - wouldn't you want to secure your LAPTOP in it?" On November 25, 2015, the founders of BAG TO LIFE presented their innovative bags and accessories in the Chancellery . The "Culture and Creative Pilots of Germany 2015" award was presented in the evening in a festive setting with over 500 invited guests in the "Station" in Berlin. For the sixth year in a row, 32 entrepreneurial personalities representing the cultural and creative industries in Germany have been awarded the title "Cultural and Creative Pilot of Germany". BAG TO LIFE selected from over 700 applications.


Since May 2016, Kerstin Rank has been working as a fellow (Ambassador) for the Federal Cultural and Creative Industries Competence Center and helps to open up the fascination, diversity and enthusiasm of the cultural and creative industries to the public.